Teaching for Easter 2019–20

The following apply to remote supervisions in Easter 2019–20.

Submission of work

Work should be submitted via Moodle. As an undergraduate, you should be able to access this page to submit work. I aim to mark work within 24 hours of the deadline, and email you when it is finished. You are welcome to submit earlier, but I probably will not mark it before the deadline has passed.


Deadlines are midnight BST at the end of the day listed. If you need to submit your work later, please let me know in advance, but the important thing is that it is there in the morning the next day for me to mark.

Revision questions

Please do all the questions from the past papers of 2017 and 2018, available here. Gareth Taylor’s site also has them collected by course, which you may prefer.

Please do each question on a separate page, and submit questions from different years in different documents, with the Section I questions first and questions in paper order.

You are welcome to submit questions from other years (please do so in a separate document), but I will prioritise marking the questions I have set.


Supervisions will take place on Zoom. I will email the meeting information in the morning.


Corpus Christi Probability Revision
Thursday 14 May (Deadline: Tuesday 12 May)
Sidney Sussex Analysis I Revision
Monday 18 May (Deadline: Friday 16 May)
King’s Probability Revision
Wednesday 20 May (Deadline: Monday 18 May)
Selwyn Probability Revision
Friday 22 May (Deadline: Wednesday 20 May)
Selwyn Vectors and Matrices Revision
Monday 25 May (Deadline: Saturday 30 May)