This page is a collection of various interesting integration results. While it currently focuses on what might be called the algebraic theory, namely of “doing” definite integrals and finding primitives, future expansion is planned to include some actual Analysis.

G.H. Hardy, again

G.H. Hardy, in a letter of November 1926 to D. Coxeter, detailing the evaluation of some integrals the latter requested in the Mathematical Gazette:

I tried very hard not to spend time on your integrals, but to me the challenge of a definite integral is irresistible.

Said integrals were[1]

\[ \begin{align} \int_{0}^{\pi/2} \sec^{-1}(\sec x + 2) \, dx &= \frac{5\pi^2}{24} \\ \int_{0}^{\pi/3} \sec^{-1}(2\cos x + 1) \, dx &= \frac{\pi^2}{8} \\ \int_{0}^{\pi/3} \cos^{-1}(\sec x - 1) \, dx &= \frac{11\pi^2}{72} . \end{align} \]

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