Notes on Tripos courses

The following are major changes that have taken place to the undergraduate Mathematical Tripos courses in the past few years. This does not include minor adjustments to the schedules. The definitive source of current information on the Mathematical Tripos courses is the Course Information page on the Faculty of Mathematics website. All the extra information given here is publicly available on or in the online Cambridge University Reporter archive depending on age; records before 1997–98 are only available in dead tree format.


Information on the lecturers for each year lives in this Google Sheet (IA is complete, based on all online information; the other two Parts go back to 2009–10 and 2010–11. If you would find it useful to have the other years, I would be interested to hear. The Part II sheet is transposed due to the large number of Part II courses. If you prefer one format over the other, I would be interested to hear your reasons, and would consider reformatting the rest of the sheets to be consistent.)

Part IA

The IA course has been stable for a decade now. The last major changes were

Part IB

Is generally stable, but underwent two significant changes in 2019–20.

Part II

Some courses change whether they are in Lent or Michaelmas; we do not note this since it is probably not useful to the current generation. Changes are rather more frequent in the third year courses, although generally courses are discontinued and created rather than having their contents permuted.